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Jan. 21, 2017

Erika Tamassy, more than our photographer!

Here at The Blue Sky Group, we are so lucky to have a wonderful photographer who teams with us on our listings! Erika poses with the team! There is not much that is more important to selling real estate in today's world than to have stellar photography...and Erika Tamassy delivers that for us and for our clients.  She makes everyone's home look beautiful! 

Here, we asked Erika to 'get in the shot' during a recent photoshoot of our team....she's the cute one up front with her hands in her pockets! This is a quick glimpse of her fun side, (and believe me, she makes our photo shoots fun every time!) but I want to show you what else Erika Tamassy does besides fabulous REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY!

 First, a little background:  Erika was born and raised in Hungary, where she attended the university and graduated with a degree in International Business Administration, with minors in both French and Spanish.  She says "I still speak some French, but really no Spanish!"........but I can attest to the fact that she now also speak perfect English, albeit with a strong Hungarian accent!  

After graduation, Erika traveled quite a bit while working for a pharmaceutical export company; her favorite country to visit was Columbia.  After meeting her husband while he was attending medical school in Hungary, they moved to Canada, then to Rochester MN where he did his residency at The Mayo Clinic.  It was during that time that Erika began to take art classes while working at an art gallery; she didn't speak much English yet, so learning ceramics and drawing gave her time to absorb the language.  Next they lived in Rochester NY where her husband Andrew did a fellowship in Pediatric Neurology at the University of Rochester.  There Erika worked in Parkinson's research and took silversmithing classes....further expressing her artistic repertoire. 

 Finally, they came to settle in Longview Texas in 1997; here she took sculpture classes at LMFA, learning how to make glass beads and bobbin lace.  Have you heard of the ancient Japanese jewelry-making technique called Kumihimo?  It involved braided horse hair, then made into jewelry....and you guessed it; Erika Tamassy learned that technique in Longview as well!  Here are just a few examples of Erika's beautiful creations!  Click here to see her full gallery!



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Aug. 3, 2016

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