At The Blue Sky Group, we take a team approach to helping our clients; with each of us specializing in specific areas of a real estate transaction, we are able to help MORE people buy and sell homes. We have Buyer Specialists who work with buyers to find their BEST match in a new home, Seller Specialists who work with sellers to get their home listed and SOLD, and our administrative staff handles the paperwork and logistics behind all that we do; any and all of us are here to serve you and make your real estate transaction a 10+ experience! 

A note from Nancy:

 "After my first 4 years in real estate, I was unable to help as many clients, and found myself having to turn some away; we all have to work with the inescapable fact that there are only 24 hours in a day!  By forming a professional team I found that we could give top-notch service to many more clients, yet keep a personal approach.  I know you'll find yourself valued and pampered by our team - we look forward to meeting soon!"

Meet the Team